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Posted 2 years ago

The Road to Web App Success: Prototypes and User Tests

Great article on we app design and web design in general.

The road to web app success: prototypes and user tests | Feature

This excerpt is Chap­ter 15 ofA Prac­ti­cal Guide to Web App Suc­cessby Dan Zam­boni­ni.

It’s easy to be turned off by the very men­tion of a pro­to­type or a user test. They often evoke images of dis­pos­able, time-consuming,…

Posted 2 years ago

Web App Delivery Network - Android, iPhone

This is an html 5 framework that enables you to deploy to multiple platforms.  Add social media features like twitter and Facebook with a few clicks.  Looks like a great place to start developing web applications for desktop and mobile simultaneously.  

Posted 2 years ago

Why Tribloom

Check out this great mission statement:  

To anyone we interact with, this means that our services are unrivaled in quality, integrity, and satisfaction. Our employees are happy and motivated because we provide an environment where employees are given the freedom to grow and develop both personally and professionally.